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Assessments --

Do you really know yourself?  Are you reaching your full potential?  Are you in the right job?  The right relationship?  Do you know your strengths and limitations?  What do you need to do to change and grow as a person?  To move on, to move up, to achieve more?  How will you know when you're there?  

The Lake Group offers a full range of behavioral and skill assessments designed by Target Training International.  These computer-generated instruments analyze your unique behavioral traits in a user-friendly, no-fail format.  We then interpret the results and advise you on various aspects of your performance or your organizational needs.  Within minutes of taking the assessments on-line, you'll have a copy of 12-40 page reports describing you or your staff members in astonishing detail.  

The assessments can be taken as a stand-alone package or as part of a corporate workshop or coaching package.  Assessments can be used by companies as part of a balanced hiring program, particularly for small companies and those where teams are at play.  Wherever the human dynamic is vital for success, assessments are key.  The Lake Group can also train HR and selection staff how to administer and interpret the assessments, saving your company time and money while retaining full control over your hiring process.  

Assessment packages vary in cost from $50 to $250 per person. The results can transform your life or that of your business.  To use assessments to maximize your business and personal potential, contact us with your organization's information.  We'll provide a complimentary assessment so you can fully appreciate the potential these instruments have for you or your organization.    


For more information about assessments or to try a complimentary report, contact The Lake Group:
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