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Executive Coaching --

WHAT:  Taking individuals to a higher performance level 

  • in their corporate career

  • within their business environment

  • in their personal lives

WHY: to solve a myriad of problems that might be getting in the way.  Specifically to:

  • to quickly regain control during periods of change

  • to retain personal and organizational power when success is threatened in any way

  • to smash through frustrations and solve them for good

  • to achieve your fullest potential

  • to live a fuller and happier life

HOW:  By phone or on-site, coaching is a process administered over a 4-8 month period, using weekly sessions to explore areas for change and hold the individual accountable for the success they say they want to achieve.  Packages include weekly sessions, Flash calls, assessments, and assignments.  

HOW MUCH: a range of packages is available, dependent on client needs.  To engage Dawn as your coach, contact us to arrange for a "TRIAL" session by phone.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  


For more information or to book a trial coaching session by phone, contact
The Lake Group:
Phone: 602.997.4977 FAX: 602.997.4988 Email: dawn@lakegroup.com


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