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A wealth of business, personal and military experience underpins Dawn's powerful, unique and motivating messages.  Using her experiences in Afghanistan, in 2005, Dawn will be focusing on four themes, each of which will provide value and relevance to any organization:

Leadership -- Dawn brings leadership down to the personal, individual level.  She challenges the audience to identify their fears, determine their power, and take decisive action.  Backed up with business and military examples, Dawn's message has transformed audiences and revitalized organizations.  A timeless message dynamically delivered in a fresh and powerful way.

Personal Mastery -- 

Change Management --

Afghanistan -- the crucible of the Global War on Terror, the efforts of the US-led Coalition to stabilize that country are fundamental to security in the US and world-wide.  The work of US forces, the Allied contribution and the transformation of Afghanistan provide compelling stories and wider lessons relevant to all.  Dawn's focus on the continuing plight of Afghan women must be heard.  This subject is too important to be ignored.  Entertaining, stimulating, and challenging in one package.

Dawn's topics for 2004 included: empowering women, thriving in adversity, and the plight of Afghan Women.  Keynotes on these topics are still available.

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